The Secret Garden Analysis

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The Secret Garden, a classic children novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett tells the story of an Indian girl called Mary Lennox. After her parents and servants die, she has nowhere else to go but her uncle’s house in Yorkshire, England. She had always been a sick, tempered and spoiled child, but then she discovers a secret garden and makes new friends that change her life completely. It belongs to the Edwardian era and it was first published in 1911. It was a period in which Edward VII was king of the United Kingdom., which brought a time of great social change and optimism. There was abundant wealth, easy travelling, nearly tax free, advances in science and industry. New technologies were developing and the society was no longer an exclusive circle of aristocracy. For this reason, all of this hope and optimism were reflected in the literature of this period.
In Wuthering Heights, a classical novel written by Emily Bronte, Mr. Lockwood rents Thrushcross Grange and goes visit his landlord, a wealthy man called Mr. Heathcliff who lives in Wuthering Heights. In the book, the housekeeper tells the story of Mr. Heathcliff and the people that have lived there to Mr. Lockwood and he writes it in this diary. The novel belongs to the Victorian era, and it is set in 1847, with almost a 70 year difference in comparison to The Secret Garden. It takes place in the north of England, in Yorkshire. The book was written at a time of great social and political changes in England. It
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