Inner Strength In The Secret Garden

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Children are resilient; their spirits are not easily broken and they are stronger than they seem. When they encounter issues they can find simple solutions and bounce back. Children have the ability to adapt to their surroundings. For example, moving to new places can be frightening; however, they find a way to fit in and make a place for themselves. Through close relationships, character similarities, and altercations of the main characters in The Secret Garden and A Little Princess, we see each girl find inner strength in the face of adversity. The first relationships we form as young children, greatly influence our lives. Our first relationships are usually of those with our parents. In A Little Princess, Sara Crewe loves her father greatly, he has been there for her always, even after the death of her mother. When he must leave she is heartbroken “ I love [my father] more than all…show more content…
From the deaths of their parents, and the sudden change in their treatment, to the loss of their old lives; the girls find a way to push through and they never stop to feel sorry for themselves. On day one of her stay at Misselthwaite Manor Mary ran about the gardens and made a friend in that of Ben Weatherstaff. Likewise with Sara, after becoming an orphan and becoming Miss Minchin’s ward; she was moved to “the cold and unkempt attic”(94) and forced to be a servant. Yet she still found a way to play with others, like Ermengarde and Lottie . Although each girl faced conflicts, they were rewarded later. Mary helped bring a garden back to life and instead of being a “disagreeable looking child with a thin little face, thing little body, thing light hair, and a sour expression on her face”(1) she had “begun to look downright pretty since she filled out and lost her ugly, little sour look. Her hair has grown thick and healthy looking and she’s got a bright color”(322). Sara had the indian man find her and bring stuff and knew her
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