The Secret Hippo Village Analysis

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The Secret Hippo Village By: Luca 0nce upon a time in a nice, calm forest there lived a nation of hippos. There was a special hippo named George. The king of the village, Ion, has more power than anyone else in the village including George. Ion also makes decisions in the Hippo Village. No one likes him but everybody listens to him because he’s HUGE! At least that 's what they say because nobody has actually ever seen him but they 've seen his minions and they are all the biggest baddest hippos you will ever encounter in your entire life. Ion’s minions make sure every hippo in the village are doing everything right. They have very strict rules like no swimming in lakes, do all chores that are…show more content…
Soon enough Ion’s minion’s kicked every hippo out of the village! However, the minion’s noticed they all seemed to be heading in the same direction so they went back to tell Ion. Ion knew something was going on but he wasn’t sure quite what it was. Therefore, Ion and his minions decided to follow the last hippo they kicked out of the village and finally, they arrived at their destination. “That’s where all the hippos are” said Ion! Ion and his minions felt extremely jealous. So, Ion sent his minions into the village and his minions said “Let us see the the creator of this village, now!” Every person instantly pointed to George. Suddenly a HUGE herd of bulls ran by and destroyed the whole village. Luckily no one got hurt however all their houses were destroyed. All the hippos found all their belongings that were not destroyed and packed them up. They also snuck into Ion’s village and grabbed all the belongings from the village. Ion and his minions didn’t even notice. Then the hippos began walking. Ion’s minions started to feel bad and they went to tell Ion what had happened. Ion suddenly began laughing an evil laugh but his minion’s didn’t even smile, in fact they started frowning. Ion asked his minions why? Ions minions said “they felt b-b-bad” Ion laughed his evil laugh again! He still thought it was
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