The Secret In The Old Clock Analysis

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It is her unique personality among fictional characters in children's literature that gives Nancy Drew a continuing place in the market today. “Born” on April 28, 1930, Nancy Drew began her career as a teenage sleuth, and the Nancy Drew Mystery Series remains the longest-running and best-selling children’s mystery series. Nancy Drew was the creation of Edward Stratemeyer, owner and manager of the Stratemeyer Syndicate, a writing production that has generated more children’s series than any other publisher to date. Stratemeyer’s description of what would become the character of Nancy Drew illustrates the critical time of change for adolescent girls as new ideas about femininity were being explored. Nancy Drew scholarship tends to fall into either of two groups: those who view Nancy Drew as a positive role model or feminist icon because of her independence; and those who criticize the…show more content…
In the story, a more seasoned refined man, Josiah Crowley, means to pass his legacy to the Horner sisters, said above, and his cousins, Edna and Mary Turner. In an abnormal wind, he winds up leaving the majority of his cash to another arrangement of cousins, the Tophams, who live in River Heights. The Tophams have Josiah's will in their ownership, and Nancy's investigator endeavors rotate around finding another will concerning Josiah's legacy (which, asone may figure, she finds in an old clock). Both the Horners and the Turners request Nancy's help with recuperating the lost will, and she guarantees to help them. At last, the legacy goes to the Horners and the Turners as opposed to the Tophams, speaking to a returning of cash to its "meriting" owners.89 The Turners and the Hoovers are just poor at first as a result of the Tophams' dishonesty and the Tophams rapidly lose their cash in the share trading system and are compelled to minimize their way of
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