The Secret Life Of Bees Character Analysis Essay

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We are all born with a natural curiosity about the world around us. We are constantly asking questions and hypothesizing situations to better ourselves. It is only a natural reaction to take interest in ones’ origins and debate the rule of society. The movie, The Secret Life of Bees, focuses on the United States during the time of the Civil Rights Act. It paints a picture of a girl, Lily Owens, navigating life in a world divided. There is a hole in her heart where her mother should have been and her father, T. Ray, does little to help. Ultimately, Lily’s mortality guides her to finding out the truth about her mom. This path that Lily has set out on is not an easy one, and the people she meets don’t always have the best moral compasses. Lily has a sturdy moral compass. She was raised by a strong black woman, who became her mother figure. She doesn’t see the world as blacks and whites. Instead, she sees a wold where the pigmentation in ones skin doesn't matter. Lily Owens’s morality causes her to challenge the prejudices that existed against blacks during this time period. Lily does;t always make the best decisions, however, her intentions are pure. The choices she made were motivated by her desire for love. “The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being…show more content…
T. Ray Owens chose to shut people out after his wife died, and became a violent, spiteful man. The men who tormented Rosaleen Daise in the streets, have questionable values. They believe that people who are black shouldn’t be allowed to vote. These rabble-rousers stir up emotions, as well as prejudices against blacks, and use violence to create a sense of dominance. Another character who displays questionable values is the man at the store selling the honey. He judges Rosalyn for being black and wouldn't have served her if she had gone inside. He fails to see the mission of Christ: to love thy
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