The Secret Life Of Bees Opinion Essay

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"The wisest mind has something yet to learn" - George Santayana. Since the very beginning, we have explored the past, present and in between we have uncovered the story of most heroes. “The Secret Life of Bees”, a Hero 's Journey and “12 Angry Men” are few of the abundant of topics that we have covered, but what stuck the most about English II so far is how small bits of each topic come together to make our daily lives.
To start with, "The Secret Life of Bees" was a stupendous story that was about love, hope and perseverance. Through the difficult situations that Lily, the main character, encountered she was still a kindhearted girl who cared for others. This taught me that acts of kindness should be done even to those who you are unfamiliar
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I have to say that the moral of the story is to stick up to what you believe. It may be that an individual is doing something morally wrong or you don’t agree with a statement or an action, but either way your voice and mines have a right to be heard. Acting in a mature manner when in difficult situations also comes in handy in this story because the other 11 jurors would constantly shout and punch tables when trying getting their point across. Life in general involves obnoxious and self absorbed people that fuss at everything. There are times when I don’t see eye to eye with someone, but I have learned to argue in a mature and adult-like manner then childish and ignorant. At one point in the story, every juror was able to express their opinion and juror number 8 had to listen to every side of their story. Other than a judge, we use this technique as well whether it be with children or students. I frequently use this approach when my siblings bicker about something, and it helps a lot. Having not read “12 Angry Men”, I wouldn’t of known how one disapproval or approval could make a significant impact on the
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