The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Character Analysis

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Written stories have always been a source of inspiration for the film industry, film directors create their own adaptation putting into it their personal style. Sometimes they stick to the original story, others the interpretation is so different that we almost think is an original plot. “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (1939) is an original story by James Thurber which has two film adaptations, but this time I am focusing on Ben Stiller’s version (2013). In this case, Stiller used the main idea of the short story: a man living in fantasy to escape from his monotonous life, and since that point he lets his imagination run free to give us a beautiful movie full of breathtaking shots, new characters, and a new perspective.

Thurber and Stiller’s works share some similarities; and of course, they differ from one another at length. The most recognizable similitude I can point out is that both creations use the idea of a man constantly daydreaming to escape from reality, but this notion is also so differently deal in each production. The short story is more about how Walter is unsatisfied with his mundane life, and how he uses his imagination to feel fulfilled. On the other hand, the movie also put this issue as a center idea, however the main theme, in my opinion, is about not letting routine and responsibilities to lose the purpose of life; it is about the journey of finding yourself.

Continuing with the most noticeable differences, we have that the written story does not
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