The Secret Lives Of Sgt John Wilson Essay

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The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson was written by Lois Simmie. This story is an engaging full-length non-fiction novel that describes true events, which happened in several areas in Saskatchewan, Canada. John Wilson left his wife and son with one on the way, to find opportunity overseas. He then begins serving for the Royal North West Mounted Police where he finds himself falling madly in love with a young lady named Jessie. In the crucial events that led up to John Wilson’s wife 's death can only prove that love concurs all. This tragic story of love and murder can definitely pull the reader into what truly happened in the early nineteen hundreds. Lois Simmie grew up in Edam, Saskatchewan, she is known for writing fiction and children literature books. The…show more content…
John Wilson was based upon an infamous scandal at the turn of the century which Simmie was inspired by. This novel demonstrates a mix of early Canadian immigration, RCMP history and a major crime. Being native to the province, Simmie wanted to share this local tragedy with the rest of the world. This…show more content…
The book is a hybrid between nonfiction and fiction as Simmie adds her own artistic flair to enhance the character development which makes for a dramatic and suspenseful climax. "Jack still had the gun. Why didn 't he put it away? It was getting to dark to shoot. But he was raising the gun again. She looked up, but there were no geese. She turned back and turned straight into the shot gun 's double barrel, inches from her face. 'No, Jack, don 't! '". (pg. 79) The way Simmie engages her audience makes the book itself a very fast read, besides the fact it only contains two hundred pages. Including real life situations and daily obstacles can have a huge affect on the reader. It followed a logical sequence of events and was told in just enough detail to create an
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