The Secret Of The Mongols Analysis

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Chinggis Khan was the founder of the Mongol empire, and his success in building his empire happened from the successful military campaigns in China, central Asia, and Persia. The story, “The Secret of the Mongols”, can be summarized as the “capture and execution of Jamuqa, the Khan’s blood brother” (companion pg 209). Jamuqa was stated in the book as one of Chinggis’s greatest rival. The story started out as Chinggis has just defeated the Naiman army, and Jamugha was with them. He was able to escape into the woods with five of his men/follower. One day, after killing a mountain sheep, Jamugha’s five men had captured and tied him up, and they brought him to Chinggis Khan. Jamugha felt betrayed by his men, and wanted to pass a word along to Chinggis. Jamugha said that because his men betrayed him, it was considered “slaves and servants have conspired against their lord” (companion pg 210). After hearing his, Chinggis made a decree that men who lay their hands on their lord should be punished, because how could anyone trust men like this. So, Chiggins brought the five men who betrayed Jamugha and…show more content…
Just like the confucian theory about doing good will bring you good; respect and forgiveness plays a role because to have good things happen upon you, you have to do good. For example like respecting one another to gain that respect back and learning to forgive to have others forgive you for your wrong doings too. Also, in a lot of earlier civilizations and still among some today, there are still kings that rule a group of people, and loyalty to a king still exist. Today, these values still holds true and exist among our civilization. We are still loyal to our President, even though we don’t agree with some of his decision. We still respect one another and practice the act of
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