The Secret Of The Wild Child Analysis

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The Secret of the Wild Child is a documentary about a little girl named Genie, who is locked up in solitary confinement in a bedroom and isolated from the outside world for almost a decade ever since she is thirteen-year-old. Long-term solitary life and lack of human childhood have caused her to exhibit inhuman behaviours as well as depriving her rights to have a normal social life. Fortunately, she is able to receive help from doctors in various fields who gathered together to develop a perceived good solution to her illness; however, the form of the therapies provided are controversial as they are more like an experiment than an actual cure. The film does this by illustrating the complex relationship between doctors and patients; specifically, the shift between the roles of a doctor and a researcher during the course of interaction with the patient, eventually alter the purpose and quality of the therapy. These circumstances have further put strains on Genie’s physical and mental well-being which ultimately force her back into confinement. The doctor-patient relationship plays an important role in Genie’s therapy. Many doctors have expressed their sympathies about Genie’s encounter, hence, it is very likely that there is personal emotion attached to Genie’s therapy. It is undeniable that some doctors offer their assistance with the pure intention to cure her, but gradually, the purpose of therapy mutates as they begin to see the potential benefits in studying her illness,
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