The Secret Order 6 Bloodline Analysis

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From traveling to the past, mythical realms, legendary kingdoms, and even strange dimensions, nobody can claim that Sarah Pennington leads a boring life. As the daughter of the Master of the Order of the Griffins, she has had a lot on her plate and had to thwart the evil Clan of the Dragon multiple times in the past. In The Secret Order 6: Bloodline, we learn that Sarah’s mother is a microbiologist who is searching for a special flower deep in the jungles of South America. However, shortly after arriving in South America, Sarah finds herself up against the Dragon Clan once again as they kidnap her mother. It seems that some enemies from her past has their own interest in obtaining the miraculous flower that could give them power over life and…show more content…
The whole game feels very polished and the interface is very easy to use. Features, like the map that can also be used to instantly jump to previously visited locations means you can quickly get to where you need to go when you figure out where to use an item. While the game doesn’t feature a lot of talking characters, the voice acting that is on offer doesn’t sound too bad. The soundtrack is also quite fitting although we would have liked to hear a few more…show more content…
The Secret Order 6 won’t disappoint those who are expecting more of the beautifully detailed visuals that has become a staple for Sunward Games titles. However, the game is also quite short and can easily be completed in a couple of hours. It is still very enjoyable though and one of the better recent entries for this particular series, so if you are a fan of the genre or previous titles then this will be a good fit for your

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