Lost In The Mall Book Report

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If you were stranded in the Canadian Forest what memories would help you or even hurt you? Every memory can do something to you. Just like if you remember that one time in class where you were going over survival tips. That could save your life in this situation. Brian was just an ordinary kid, besides his parents being split apart. He lived a normal life and did just about whatever he wanted, but during the summer when he went to visit his dad all of that changed. His pilot on the plane had a heart attack and the plane crashed. Memories of things helped Brian survive, but some of those memories also brought sadness and hurt him. Brian had a memory that really helped him at one time, his english teacher Mr, Perpich who always told him the…show more content…
The Secret, the reason why his mom and dad split up. Brian mentioned this a lot throughout the book but we never found out what really happened until chapter 7. In chapter 7 it says, “ In the mall. Every detail. His mother sitting in the station wagon with the man. And she had leaned across and kissed him, kissed the man with the short blond hair, and it was not a friendly peck, but a kiss. A kiss where she turned her head over at an angle and put her mouth against the mouth of the blond man who was not his father and kissed, mouth to mouth, and then brought her hand up to touch his cheek, his forehead, while they were kissing. And Brian saw it.” This affected Brian so so much because his father didn't know about the secret. He was tempted to tell his dad about it very many times but never did. When he kept thinking about this while he was stranded, it made him feel angry because if the secret wouldn't of happened then he would be home with both of his parents and not fighting to survive. The secret was a big part of the whole situation that he was in. In his worst moments all he could think about was the secret because not only did his mother cheat on his dad, but his dad didn't know about it so when they got divorced his dad had no idea why. He couldn't change the fact of what his mother did but he didn't need to blame it all on her either. It was hard for him not to but as soon as he got home I’m sure that he hugged her neck and didn't think once about the
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