The Secret We Hide Analysis

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Many people have trust issues, which is understandable because many people are not trustworthy. In order to “be at home,” or to be peaceful, one must find at least one person to confide in. To tell them the secrets that are burdening and don’t allow someone to live their life to the fullest. This is the theme of this poem. In this poem, the author uses different literary devices to help the reader understand the poem’s theme. The three that are used most prominently are diction, repetition, and syntax. This poem is called “The Secrets We Hide” by Tiffany Franklin. The poem is a message to the reader to let go of all the “dark secrets” and tell them to someone. The overall theme of this poem is showing the importance of having a clear mind…show more content…
For example, if an author wanted the tone to be childish or less formal, they would use shorter, less complex words. If an author wanted to make the poem scary or spooky, they might use older words that most people don't know, because that could give it an older, creepier feel. In this work, diction is used to set tone. The overall tone in this work is a feeling of anxiety. The poem has no punctuation, like one long, rambling sentence. When someone in anxious, they put all of their feelings out without any thought behind it. When Tiffany Franklin says, “all of its secrets hidden beneath so before it ruins the life you have made release those dark secrets,” she is telling the reader to clear their mind. The arrangement of words into sentences to express ideas is called syntax. Though Tiffany Franklin doesn’t break the poem into sentences, when reading, the reader can decipher where the sentences would be. She was still able to express her ideas into the poem. “We struggle to have meaning in this world which we all know…” is an example of an idea she easily conveys to the reader. The reader can tell what her thoughts were, even though it is not in sentence format.”But once you tell somebody and make your feelings known the struggle will be over,” here she is saying to tell somebody and the effect will be like a weight being lifted from the
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