The Seed In The Poad Analysis

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Popular Culture Portrayal of the Scientific Discipline In the Fox series, Bones, Dr. Temperance Brennan is one of the lead female actors in the crime-solving drama that represents the scientific discipline, specifically Forensic Anthropology. Taking place in very modern times, Dr. Brennan and her laboratory use state of the art technology and their brilliant minds to solve heinous crimes that an ordinary team could not solve. Dr. Brennan’s unusual characteristics are used to bring to the light the specific quirks of those involved in the scientific discipline. The episode, “The Bod in the Pod,” from the TV drama series, Bones, portrays that laboratory scientists must be exceptionally intelligent and lacking emotion in order to be successful…show more content…
Brennan’s unusual characteristics shown in “The Bod in the Pod” suggests scientists are emotionally withdrawn and highly compulsive. It is portrayed that scientists must be unempathetic towards all aspects of life in order to be successful and respected in their profession, a quirk that is often associated with extraordinary intelligence. When the body is brought back to the Jeffersonian from the coast and Dr. Hodgins passes out from inhaling the fumes of the pod, Dr. Brennan states “since Dr. Hodgins is regaining consciousness, I see no reason why I cannot examine the body” (CITATION). Here, Dr. Brennan shows little to no concern for her fellow colleague, but would rather get to work examining the remains that were recently brought in. For scientists, work is their life, and therefore, they are emotionally withdrawn from relationships with others. Also, while in the interrogation with Davey, the stepson of the deceased, Dr. Brennan accuses the adolescent of murder with no hint of sympathy for the boy who just lost a father figure. Dr. Brennan has many encounters such as this one with individuals that show her lack of social etiquette for delicate subjects. The way in which the doctor interacts with others and expresses a lack of interest for other’s feelings shows how popular culture portrays scientists as being unempathetic and socially
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