The Self-Esteem: Competence In Psychology

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In psychology the term self esteem is used to describe a person’s overall sense of self worth or person value. Self esteem often seen a personally treat which means that to it tends to be stable. Self esteem can involves a variety of beliefs about the self, such as the appraised of one’s own appearance, emotions and behavior. Self esteem is way where people think about themselves and how worth line the think. And also we can say that it is satisfaction that same one has in him or her own abilities. Self esteem is feeling we have about our self. Self esteem is a realistic respect for or favorable impression of one self. It is feeling good about yourself, putting a high value on your worth, thinking or thoughts in your head about yourself and it is different depending on circumstances and relationship. “As children develop, they not only come to understand more and more about themselves and to contract more intricate self portraits, but they also begin to evaluate the qualities that they perceive themselves as having.” This devolutive aspect of self is called self esteem. Children with high self esteem are fundamentally satisfied with the type of person they are; they recognize their strong points, can acknowledge their weakness and generally feel quite positive about
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