The Self Reflection Process

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The Self-Reflection process was something that was introduced to me the beginning of this semester and help me identify my weaknesses and improve myself as a person and student. It is a process that allowed me to evaluate a course of my life and guided me towards improvements to produce the best results. The Self-Reflection process is something that can be used in any aspects of one’s life. I was able to improve my weaknesses and utilize my strengths to the fullest potential. I was able to make my life easier during the semester and hopefully as I move forward. I believe some of my strengths are my dedication to my work, I still managed to get my assignments done on time even if my schedule is packed, and my time-management by the end of the…show more content…
When it comes to college and my career, the workload will be more abundant and harder. By using what I have learned about myself, I can make my college life easier by time managing well and getting my assignments done. It does not stop there as I will also be able to make the most of my college career. When it comes to family, friends and relationships I will be to make time to spend with them instead of being stuck doing assignments. Social interactions will always be a part of everyone’s life. I can use the same Self-Reflection process to improve how I interact with others and hopefully be able to grow out of my shell one day. I believe I will be able to apply the insights I have learned throughout this course for the remainder of my life. At first, I thought the Self-Reflection process was a waste of time but it helped my grade so I did not complain. I believe it was a waste of time due to the fact that I was unaware of my flaws and that my hardships in high school was just part of the norm. As I continued on with the Self-Reflection process, I began to view it as something positive and informing. Throughout the semester, I was able to witness firsthand my weaknesses as a student and the root of where all my hardships were in high school. By understanding what my weaknesses were, I was able to improve myself as a person and a
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