The Seminole Indians

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“Seminole Indians” The Seminole Indians were a “Native American tribe of Central Florida” (Swygart 1). The term “Seminole” means runaway or pioneer. This was because the first Seminoles were originally members of the Creek tribe that migrated south: “Seminole History begins with bands of Creek indians from Georgia and Alabama who migrated to Florida in the 1700’s” (Florida Department of State 1). Natives who traveled and settled in Florida “shared the area with another group of Indians, who spoke Mikasuki. Together the two groups became known as Seminole…” ( Fixico 1). They had deep connections with the earth and considered themselves to be “Children of the Sun” (Anonymous 1) . Seminoles were most known for their excellent patchwork baskets…show more content…
One of their essential crops was corn. The Spanish owned the land they named Florida (meaning very flowery). They welcomed African Americans into Florida in exchange for protection: “the Spanish crown offered runaway slaves their freedom if they would defend the land for the crown for the Spanish…” (Sturgis). These African Americans were called “Black Seminoles.” Some Black Seminoles were freed slaves while others were plantation runaways. African Americans were thankful to Florida because of the freedom they were offered. Many southern states were extremely opposed to it. They believed that this would incite their slaves to run to the Florida everglades as well. Therefore, in 1818 Andrew Jackson invaded Florida: “... he decided to make sure that the Black Seminole communities were moved out by force, so he pursued this in his policy, his larger policy, of Indian Removal” (Sturgis). This started the 2nd Seminole War. Both the African Americans and the Seminole Indians were working together, so when the Seminoles were threatened, African Americans stepped in to help. Other slaves escaped from their plantations and joined the war. In 1836, Osceola led the former Seminoles in the war while John Horse led the…show more content…
Those who live in the Everglades of Florida today, travel around the state to teach the Seminole culture: “[They] visit schools and festivals across the state, performing traditional dance and music” (Rick). Present day Seminoles also live in Chickees, celebrate Seminole holidays, and wear cultural clothing like their ancestors did. These actions impact our daily lives because ideas spread. We may like Seminole methods or ways of doing things and try them ourselves. It is important that surviving Seminoles spread their culture because we need new ideas to help make our world a better place. Native Americans in the past created useful tools and structures that helped them to live a decent life. We could use those ideas and make them better. If Seminole Indians continue to spread their culture, the generation to come may recognize the Seminole tribe. Native Americans will finally have some type of attention. However, if America does not like “Seminole Ways” another war may start to make sure that Seminole indians discontinue their

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