The Semplica Girl Diaries Analysis

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George Saunders first published The Semplica Girl Diaries in The New Yorker in 2012 and then again in his collection of short stories Tenth of December, in 2013. The main characters are a middle aged, unnamed man and his family (a wife, two daughters and a son). In an interview Saunders admitted that the inspiration for this twisted story came from a dream which explains the origin of a strange concept in it— Semplica girls, women from underdeveloped countries paid to hang in rich people’s gardens, connected to each other by a wire in their brains. However, the main message is a conscious writing choice. This story explores the struggles deprived people go through and choices they make when facing them. It is about their aspirations to be rich and sacrifices they are ready to make for their families. And in the end, The Semplica Girl Diaries can be seen as a disintegration of the American Dream. The Semplica Girl Diaries is an epistolary story, written in a diary form. The plot is linear, ranging from September 3 to October 8. A year is not mentioned, but the concept of Semplica girls seems quite futuristic, so we can assume that it is set somewhere in the future. The main character decides to write a diary to record his experiences for future generations. Here we can also remark the unique style Saunders uses to characterize his main character. Clipped sentences and simple language are more common in the lower class. Even though the main character finished college and

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