The Seneca Falls Convention

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I certify that this essay is entirely my own work and has not been revised or altered by anyone else. In 1848 about 300 people gathered for the Seneca Falls Convention in New York to draft a document that is a plea for the end of discrimination against women. There was little to no progress being made for women’s rights before the Seneca Falls Convention took place. After the Seneca Falls Convention there were many changes that followed what was outlined in the Declaration of Sentiments. The movement for women’s right became a more prominent issue after the Seneca Falls convention made the topic at the forefront of politics and began the conversation. The Seneca Falls Convention is considered the most prominent event that began the women’s…show more content…
Because most of the people in attendance of the Seneca Falls Convention were experienced reformers who had significant experience organizing conventions and rallies, some women were able to plan and execute another women’s rights convention two weeks later (Lerner). The Seneca Falls Convention inspired Amy Post and six other women to plan another convention which kept talk about the women’s rights movement going, instead of having the ideas that were spoken about only reach the three hundred people who were in attendance. The second convention happening to quickly after the Seneca Falls Convention was because the Seneca Falls Convention was associated with many other organizations that had existed for decent amount of time on their own (lerner). These other organizations were then able to plan events and get the word out quickly because they already had following and extensive planning experience. By encouraging the women in attendance of the conventions to learn about the history of women’s rights and the successes of other women’s rights activists, the leaders of the conventions ensured that the women in attendance of the convention believed in themselves that they could make a difference (tetrault). The educated women were able to build off of the ideas and achievements women who came before them and work…show more content…
This was mostly because of the influence it had on other groups that then had their own conventions and kept the mission of the Seneca Falls Convention and the women’s rights movement alive. The Seneca Falls Convention was able to have such a grand impact on the people in attendance because they were almost all from the surrounding area, which was known to be a very radical area with many causes and utopian schemes being pursued. The Declaration of Sentiments was and still continues to be a successful document. The ideas that were written down was the goals that the women’s rights activists wanted to achieve and as long as the Declaration of Sentiments is around women can continue to work toward fulfilling everything that is written down. The Seneca Falls Convention and the Declaration of Sentiments, which was written during the convention, was successful in spreading the ideas of women’s rights and activism, while jumpstarting other organizations involvement in the
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