The Sense Of Love In Olivia's Cesario

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Why do you think that Olivia so quickly gets interested in “Cesario”, especially when she has been refusing the attention of Duke?
How does this reflect on her mourning
What is your impression of Olivia
When a person goes into mourning their emotions are heightened, which can lead to many emotion such as love to be acquired very quickly. Since Olivia was in a sense of mourning over the death of her brother, it makes sense that she would seek out a person to be a friend. I believe that Cesario presented qualities that a women would want in a friend. However due to the disguise she/he was wearing, it tricked Olivia’s brain into mistaking love for a friendship into that of a lover. This gives me the impression that Olivia is emotionally unstable. She is able to not only fall in love with someone after the correspondence of 3 days but she also is able to transfer her love from Cesario to Sebastian.
Which of the characters do you like the most?
I like Feste the most because I believe him to be the most intelligent out of the group. Unlike Sir Andrew and toby, Feste is less of a party player. He manages to manipulate his way into every big scheme of Maria’s and seems to be all around liked by most of his peers and companions. He is presented in a way unlike any other character, where he appears to have knowledge of everything that is going on. Although not directly stated in either the book or the movie, Feste gives off the feeling that he knows Cesario is Viola the whole
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