The Sentinel Character Analysis

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Does other life exist in the universe outside of humans? Are humans meant to leave Earth in the first place and discover these other life forms? “The Sentinel” explores some of this and really asks questions about life in space and if humans are the most advanced species or if they are merely just pawns in a larger game. Arthur C. Clarks “The Sentinel” uses symbols, characters, and science fiction theories to show humans leaving the cradle of Earth in order to reach a higher level of ascension and explore the great vastness of space and those that inhabit it. “The Sentinel” follows the travels of an astronaut geologist, or selenologist, named Wilson. He is on a lunar expedition to the Mare Crisium, or sea of Crisis, for another uneventful…show more content…
Against unanimous dissent from his crew, Wilson and his assistant make their way to investigate the object. After climbing the ten-thousand-foot-high mountain Wilson discovers a small crystalline pyramid. At first he believes it to have been created by an extinct indigenous culture. The absence of any other artifacts, along with a never before seen force-field that completely covers the pyramid and appears to be impenetrable, soon lead to Wilson’s thoughts of the artifact’s origin being both off planet and alien. Wilson describes the twenty-year long process where scientists seek to break open the force field of the artifact and learn of its true nature and reason for its location. When everything fails, they use their last plan of attack which is bombarding it with nukes until only dust remains. Its purpose was never determined as it was soon rendered inoperable by humans, an artifact that withstood the nature of the moon and its forces for an insurmountable time. Wilson provides his own interpretation of the importance of the pyramid. He thinks that the sentinel is one of many placed throughout space by an extremely technologically advanced race in order to keep tabs on the evolution of other aliens. Wilson believes that destroying the…show more content…
The pyramid itself took 20 years to open with all of the Earth’s resources and it revealed very little due to the damage sustained when opening it. The pyramid represents the highly advanced alien race that long ago placed these beacons. It is a test and a marker to see just how far the humans have reached as a species compared to the rest of the universe. The Earth is only so big and it contains only so many finite resources so it is a fact that the human species must eventually move on to greater and better things in order to expand. This beacon was a milestone on the journey of humans as they have proven their worthiness to meet this alien race that has been watching over the Earth. It shows that humans are not alone and raises the question if we rose to where we are now because of some intervention earlier in the timeline or if the aliens new we existed at all. Along with proving the existence of extraterrestrials this ancient artifact asks another question about the intention of the aliens that are thought to be soon arriving and if these aliens will be peaceful or a warmongering enemy. It will all add up to be a new challenge and milestone to conquer for the road to human perfection. The humans will have to expand beyond their cradle in order to reach this point. The cradle as its referred to is the home of the human race and is being called a
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