The Separation Of Aquila

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The constellation I have chosen is Aquila. Aquila has 10 main stars, and 65 Flamsteed stars. It 's known for the being in the shape of an eagle, and the brightest star is Altair, which is two times more massive than the sun. Altair will only live 2 billion years, compared to the Sun 's 10 billion years. The reason I found this constellation interesting is because the Pioneer 11 spacecraft has been sent towards Lambda Aquilae, which is 125 light years away! The spacecraft will pass the star is 4 million years, and is currently speeding towards it.

Aquila represents the bird of Zeus, carrying the thunderbolts of the God to throw at his enemies. In the story, Aquila was the eagle that grabbed the Trojan boy Ganymede, King Tros ' son, so he could become cup-bearer on Mount Olympus for the Gods. There is controversy on whether the eagle is Zeus, or was simply sent by Zeus. Some say he swooping towards Aquarius, while others say he is guarding the arrow that made Zeus fall in love, named Eros. In addition, Aquila 's brightest star, Altair, comes from Arabic, meaning "Flying
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Aquila had been the loyal eagle of Zeus, often following him, right at his side, carrying his Thunderbolts and retrieving them, so the vengeful God could throw them at his enemies. Zeus treated the eagle like more of a worker than a companion. During a fight, Zeus was running low on Thunderbolts, only a few more left, so Aquila flew into the battlefield to retrieve the bolts that missed their target. As the eagle was flying back, Zeus accidently hit Aquila with thunder. Zeus didn 't notice, and Aquila fell to earth where she

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