Forms Of Government

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In the beginning of our nation, our forefathers were striving for a new and different form of government from our predecessors. As different cultures, religions and social groups started to form, our official government started to be put into place. At first we had the “Articles of Confederation” in place as a general guideline for our country to follow. These articles were a sort of laid back suggestions of what our country needed to be formed like. There was different mentions of laws and regulations as maybes for our nation. However, as time went on, as a nation, we decided we were growing more than those articles could govern. We needed a true and set copy of written laws, bylaws and government bodies. Between the years of 1787 and 1788…show more content…
The whole idea behind keeping our nation running smoothly started almost as soon as our nation was founded and has continued for almost 200 years. I believe that is due to how our forefathers splitting the government in a trifecta the way they did. In the type of government that runs today, between the agriculture, trading and business industries and the justice system, that is what is needed. Each part of the government is able to take care of its part alone and is able to contribute to the over all management. For example, in a restaurant scene, the waiters and waitresses are in charge of taking care of the customers, while the cook is in charge of the food and finally the host and hostess are in charge of payments and reservations. If every employee does their job correctly, the whole business runs smoothly. Just as our government does. It is a solid system that runs fluidly. While in regard to the Separation of Church and State, it continues to keep our nation happy, in a sense. We are able to let everyone worship their own religion of choice yet still follow our same government issued policies, which is freedom of religion, a major thing in our governments founding. As I previously mentioned, by keeping every…show more content…
Such as the system of checks and balances, however, some are more important than others. While it is my own personal opinion, I thoroughly believe that the objects of my ideals are far more important than some. Our nation might be in sort of a rut right now, yet we are still true to our foundation. Throughout wars, trials and tribulations, we continue to rely on our definitions of government and true belief our founding fathers knew what they were talking about. That is what keeps our country running, as it has for the past 200
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