The Identity Of The Zodiac Killer

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Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to have a serial killer on the loose? The Zodiac is a serial killer that terrorized all of California, and he claimed to have taken the lives of many innocent civilians through the letters he sent. While his identity remains unsolved to this day, investigators have many theories as to who it might have been. Although plenty of people believe the identity of the Zodiac Killer is Arthur Leigh Allen, others are convinced it is a few lesser-known suspects. Even though the Zodiac’s identity is still uncertain to this day there are some truths that investigators have confirmed. To begin with, the Zodiac would occasionally send letters to newspaper companies, and the first one he sent was on August 1, 1969 (“Zodiac Killer Biography”). Many investigators believe he was sending letters to newspaper companies because he wanted to intimidate the public and taunt the police for not being able to catch him. In addition to that, he would also include cryptic ciphers in his letters that contained hidden messages about his addiction to killing people (Newton 412). Furthermore, the Zodiac has been “directly linked to at least 5 murders in Northern California” (“Zodiac Killer Biography”). He would monitor the total number of people he has allegedly killed in the letters he would occasionally send (Newton 414). Even though he has confessed to murdering all those people it was never confirmed. The taunting letters and unthinkable body count

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