The Serial Killer Whisperer Chapter Summary

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Serial Killer Whisperer by Pete Earley The Serial Killer Whisperer was a very well written book. It had many interesting facts about Tony Ciaglia and Serial Killers. I personally love how it takes you into the mind of the 15-year-old boy Tony, the minds of serial killers. I feel like the central point of this book is that Tony becomes fascinated with serial killers and then starts to ask the question can I be like them because of my TBI? When they begin writing each other you hear a lot of talk about how these killers believe, they are who they are because of either a mental illness or a brain injury, or because their parents did not love them enough, they were beaten or…show more content…
I think in this book that is what it is trying to tell us is that just because someone does something that other people typically wouldn’t do does not mean they are insane or mentally ill. Why did Tony write to serial killers was it just because of his TBI and the fact he could connect with them or was there another reason. No one knows the real reason why Serial Killers kill only they know and understand why. That is why I would recommend this book to people who are not only studying criminal justice but who would like to take a bit of a closer look in the minds of some well known killers, how they are all very different. Like not all of them are white and not all of them are male. There are Serial killers who have a different ethnicity’s I feel they may not get as much attention as the ones who are white but that is just my opinion. Not only that some Serial Killers are female in fact 17% of Serial Killers are female. There are so many myths of Serial Killers such as they cannot stop killing, or are insane. There is a lot of speculation on what makes them do it and know one really knows why and we may never know why. This book gets you started on a road that again shows you the inside of some serial
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