Jack The Ripper: The Zodiac Killer

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Jack the City History is fraught with serial killers that committed unbelievable crimes. One of the most celebrated and commercialized is called Jack The Riper. Jack the Ripper is not the most notorious, successful or the first serial killer the world saw. Yet a lot of people consider him to be the godfather of the whole concept of serial killers. One of those killers, who easily outran Jack the Ripper is Herman Webster Mudgett, better known as H. H. Holmes, who bought and renovated a building in Chicago thus transforming it into a hotel where he killed foreigners, mainly women but also men and children during the World 's Columbian Exposition in 1893. “Trough his precise number of victims will never be known- estimates range into the…show more content…
The so-called Zodiac killer, who was active in 1960s-1970s and killed at least 5 people and also kept contact with the police “The Zodiac’s dialog with investigators and the media involved telephone calls and many untraceable letters that teased police and the public with cipher messages. At least twice the killer telephoned the police to report the slayings.” (Guillen, 2002) One might think JTR is so famous because of his brutality, yet nearly no one knows the story of Fritz Harmann who slaughtered 24 boys between 1918 and 1924 in Hanover. His killings included biting his victims trough their throat. This cruelty earned him the name “The butcher of Hannover”. As written above, JTR was not even the first case of a serial murder just 16 years before the rippers first appearance, Mary Ann Cotton was hanged for the poising and killing of twenty people. (Tilstra) Yet, Jack the Ripper is more known than all those killers combined. Jack The Ripper is more than just a killer. JTR stands for London during the Victorian era, with all its perks but also catastrophes. This Essay aims at drawing a connection between him and the Victorian London thus reviling JTR as Victorian…show more content…
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” was published before JTR 's first murder and depicts a mad, insane and animal like the killer who transform from the gentleman into the beast.”The powers of Hyde seemed to have grown with the sickliness of Jekyll. And certainly, the hate that now divided them was equal on each side“(Stevenson, The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 93) While Jack is usually portrayed as a tall man, wearing a long cape and a cylinder disappearing in London 's fog. The killings of both differ in certain ways. Hyde prefers to beat people down while JTR slits his victims ' throats. But both killers profited from London 's characteristics like dark alleys, overpopulation, and anonymity to hide

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