Philosophical Analysis Of The Movie 'The Walking Dead'

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The series, `the walking dead` has been a paper I wanted to write about, although people have different opinions on what the movie is about. I find it involving quick the mix of politics, survival, psychology, and power. The show teaches us what humans are capable of doing especially when their lives are being threatened. It also shows how humans still want power even when their species are being extinct. Each character in the movie has a different philosophical standpoint that made the movie interesting as well as applicable in the real world. Kant, Mill, Socrates, and locke can be used to explain the philosophical analysis of the movie. Rick is the lead actor in the series, his personality was selfless, brave and honest. If Socrates was…show more content…
These people experienced both pain and pleasure making then a judge because they have actually lived in both worlds (Mill, pg. 159) to be able to survive in the series. An example of one character is Coral, who was a sweet innocent woman constantly been hit by her husband, but after the death of her husband and things got tough she stood up for herself and sometimes took matters into her own hands. In season four when the prison got infected with the deadly flu that was spreading, she secretly eliminated the infected people, because the flu was deadly and transmittable. In Mill’s Utilitarian her action was justifiable and selfless, rather than have the whole group die an incurable transmitted disease it was in the groups best interest to eliminate the few infected ones for the survival of the whole crew. Kant will most certainly disagree with this because in Kant’s system, `all our moral duties are expressed in the form of categorical imperatives’ (Vaughn, pg. 164). His philosophical mindset coincides with Dale, who believe every life is important even when his wife was dying of cancer he still could not accept her fate. Both dale and Kant believe any interior motives to action cannot be regarded as good. Beauty and virtue are inner feelings that derive from within the human; and morality depends on reasons, goodwill, and duty. But in a more practical society we all can’t be virtuous, neither are we allowed to be self-centered, but a bit of both world help give society in balance. Humans have a purpose, the purpose to live and survive, the purpose to succeed and achieve success and the purpose strive every day. It is these purposes that distinguish us from other
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