The Series: The Unethical Analysis Of The Walking Dead

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The series, `the walking dead` has been a paper I wanted to write about, although people have different opinions on what the movie is about. I find it involving quick the mix of politics, survival, psychology, and power. The show teaches us what humans are capable of doing especially when their lives are being threatened. It also shows how humans still want power even when their species are being extinct. Each character in the movie has a different philosophical standpoint that made the movie interesting as well as applicable in the real world. Kant, Mill, Socrates, and locke can be used to explain the philosophical analysis of the movie. Rick is the lead actor in the series, his personality was selfless, brave and honest. If Socrates was alive he would have considered him wise and virtuous for his knowledge and ability to lead the group justly, which ties to Socrates words. ``the soul is harmed by lack of knowledge, ignorance of one owns self and of the most important values of in life” (Plato, pg. 8). An unhealthy soul is in pursuit of material things like wealth, social status, power and pleasure instead of the good of the soul. Rick did not become the leader of his group because of any of these material things, he became the leader because his group chose him due to his ability to lead and keep them alive. He was able to survive the series because his role was essential to the show. His role interpreted that even through struggles and difficult choices human can still

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