The Sermon On The Mount Analysis

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Phil Connors: If He Attended The Sermon on the Mount "Okay campers, rise and shine... it's Groundhog Day!" played on Phil Connors radio at six A.M. everyday for around ten thousand years. Everyday was the same, nothing ever changed and their was no way to reverse the so called 'curse'. Phil Connors, a miserable weather man with no joy in life, starts off his journey of living the same day over and over again in confusion, anger, denial and fear. The egotistical Phil needed to learn how to make use of his life in this time period of repeating the same day over and over again. He needed guidance to push past the fact that his life was on pause and needed to live worry free. If Phil was present at Jesus' Sermon On the Mount, he would have…show more content…
The fact that he would take advantage of people's money, eat all the food in the world, take advantage of women etc, made him happy in the moment. Phil believed he was happy because life at the moment was fun, but if he attended the sermon on the mount Jesus would have showed Phil just how unhappy he truly was because he was living without God. Phil was not seeking for righteousness, he was not making peace on the earth and he was not clean of heart. Phil was using his so called 'curse' to enjoy watching others be sad or frightened and he enjoyed it, going against the ways of God. If Phil did attend the sermon on the mount, he may have found an easier way out of his forever stay at the small town of Punxsutawney. Phil's constant struggle to please himself by teasing other people with certain techniques was unhealthy for his soul. Jesus said at the sermon that if you trust in God, your life will be made easy. Phil did not try to connect with anyone deeply in the beginning of the movie, and he never tried to connect with God; but if he attended the sermon on the mount he may have been able to realize sooner what he truly
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