Business Analysis: The Service Triangle

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The Service Triangle

The service triangle focuses on the customer as the core and focal point of all decisions and actions, and which is surrounded by three different and coinciding elements, in two-way movements to and from, each of the “supporting legs” and the core. This triangle model is radically different as it is representative of a process rather than a structure, and states that the organization exists to serve the needs of the people who are serving the customers (Albrecht, 1984.)

One of the elements is the service strategy which is a well-communicated statement of the business’ position and goals on customer service. This connectedness to the core, the customer, can be taken to represent the critical importance of building the
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SIA has done well in investing heavily and placing trust and autonomy in its people. SIA understands the intricacies of the service triangle and works within and around it, always placing the customer at its core and forefront. Knowing and working with the knowledge that this in turn leads to the service-profit chain has worked very well for SIA to post profits year-on-year for decades. Incorporating the policy of always wanting to be the best by making also investing in research and development has brought it to the forefront of rivals. When a new innovation is revealed and offered, by the time the competition implements the same, SIA is already on its next move. Studying trends and anticipating customers’ wants before they even know it themselves, has always given them the “WOW” factor, something that is most talked about and shared by its customers. Elaborate mechanisms in place by centering on the totality of each and every one of the sub-components of service as a whole, to both internal customers, the employees, and the external customers, make information collection and subsequent action easier. Tracking and analyzing all feedback, from customers and employees, and taking each and all seriously shows the importance placed. SIA also introduces innovations and tracks competitor progress closely from even outside the aviation industry. SIA constantly seeks to make improvements from innovations in hotels, banks, restaurants, retail outlets, and other service industries, seeing what can be adopted or adapted in the airline industry. Marketing research itself has a central role in understanding buyer behaviour. SIA set the benchmark in service excellence and it remains on top of that by constantly innovating and renewing itself by managing service differentiation very well. These all show the very reason why SIA is a leader in the

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