The Seven Capital Sins In Today's Society

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Drew Watters
P.8 religion, Mahoney Seven Capital sins There are seven capital sins that all humans usually commit. God wants us to stay away from the capital sins and he says so in the 10 commandments. The seven capital sins are lust,gluttony,greed,sloth,wrath,envy, and pride. Humans are not perfect. We all sin and the sin we commit go under these categories of sin. Lust is the first capital sin. Lust is when someone is attracted to someone else and doesn’t care about them but instead has dirty thoughts about them. Lust blinds humans from what love really is. In today’s society everyone wants to date the best looking person. A guy might want to have sex with a woman that he is attracted too but he is not truly in love with her and
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Pride can be a good thing like taking pride in your work, or taking pride in your culture, or school etc. Just as it can be good it can also be very bad. God does not want us to boast about what we've got but rather we should be more humble. Bragging is way of pride and in todays society if very common. Someone might brag about their house, or brag about their sport team. The reason why we brag and commit pride is because it makes us feel better about ourselves. We need to be more humble and not take all the glory for everything that we do. Pride can make someone very stuck up and can make them feel better than someone else. Staying humble is a challenge but God challenges everyday to be good christians and a lot of the time it is hard but it is for the best. In conclusion the seven capital sins or also known as the seven deadly sins are what separates us from God. Even though we as humans tend to sin a lot everyday God forgives us all no matter what we do we are still God’s children and always have his love. God wants us to appreciate what he gives us and to be humble, kind and have self control as well. All together if we can try to avoid these seven deadly sins it will be for the best and we will find ourselves closer to God and those around

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