Explain The 4 P's Of Marketing Mix

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Marketing mix is a business tool used by the marketers to determine the product or brands offer and to produce a desired response from its target market.
Marketing mix is the mixture of right product, service, marketing strategies and right price.
Marketing mix is used for all types of business either business is well established OR experienced and newly enters in market. For newly enter businesses in market, marketing mix is a tool of marketing strategy through which owners can analyze their core (ps) of product in all aspects. They can analyze prices, place product, process, promotion, people, and physical evidence. The model of 4 p’s is designed and used when the nature of business are manufacturing and selling. If the nature
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As you know, event management is directly linked with the customers. So, customer service plays a very vital role in the success of organization. Our employees are directly connected with the customers, so their behavior should be calm and tolerated. Management is responsible to manage all the things properly, management should organized all the things and make sure to build a competitive and healthy culture within the organization. In service sectors, customer service is very important because it is very difficult to satisfy customers in all aspects.
In our business, employees, management, all are playing a very vital role, because employees and management makes or reflecting organizational culture and show the culture and attitude of our company in front of the customers. In event management, the main thing is customer satisfaction and this is come through by the best
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The process and system of any organization having an important role in service sector. It totally depends on the execution of services and also effects the overall performance. It means organization has to make sure that organization has a well organized and well tailored process within the organization. In event management, all the steps of offering services are very much consistent and uniformed. In event management some factors are very important like availability of all things and time. Here we make sure that all the factors are well arranged and organized to complete all the process in time.
Initial contact of a customer towards product OR brand establishes their perception regarding the product or service. In marketing point of view, marketers has to make sure that they present or market their products and services in such manner that customer build positive image in their mind. The main task for the marketers to create positive image in the customer mind through providing best possible service and tries to create long term image.in marketing there are four types of perceptions.
 Sensation

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