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Memories can help recall an event that makes you happy or sad, there are many times where remembering can help deal with daily life. People start to remember the day he or she is born. At first it is stored in the brain as short-term; as time passes the more important memories stick and are easy to access, these memories are called are long term memory. Accessing this information can be triggered by any of the senses a human has, it can be a smell something people may have seen. In life there are times where he or she might have problems accessing their memory which people call memory errors. It is known to researchers that humans have many types of memory which are; Explicit, Implicit, Autobiographical and Morpheus Memories. Explicit memory…show more content…
This is when he or she has a problem accessing memory over time, Transience may occur because of old age or damage to the hippocampus. It can be put into two different categories, proactive and retroactive interference. Proactive restrains old memories making it hard to remember new information and Retro is the complete opposite with new memories restraining the capacity to remember old information. Another memory error is Absent-mindedness, it tends to happen to many people around the world. Being Absent-minded is when he or she has a short attention span and forgets to do a task all the time because of the lack of…show more content…
He or she that may be facing strong feelings tends to be more amenable to concepts and hence being more suggestible. Another aspect that might affect the memory is being biased. When a person has strong beliefs about a subject it could affect old and new memories, present feeling and knowledge can twists our memory of past events. The last of the seven sins of memory errors is Persistence, this “involves remembering things you wish you would forget and is strongly associated with our emotional experiences” (Percy, 2003). This happens to many people who have post-traumatic stress disorder, images or a recollection of a bad event goes through the brain and it feels like he or she is going through it all over

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