The Seven Tears Myth Of Love

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“There is always a certain truth to every story, the second fact is a Selkie wife would only forsake her human lover if he is abusive towards her. Much as any female wouldn’t or shouldn’t stay with any male who does nae treat her weel. The stealing of a pelt to secure a wife only happens if the female wants to stay with her human lover, remember we will always find our pelt if it hasn’t been destroyed.” “You neglected to mention the tale of Selkie males who abandon their lovers.” “Weel, aboot males—we will only remain with our lifemate. Those of us without a lifemate pay particular attention to women who are sad or lonely, this is where the seven tears myth comes into play. When we view a woman down by the seashore crying about a lost love or no lover to give her pleasure, we offer physical and emotional comfort. The result helps the woman move on and as a consequence regain her confidence.”…show more content…
Especially since making love and having passionate sex is in our DNA. But, above all else, we don’t lead females on to think our affection is more than comfort or anything more than short term. Hence the notion of Selkies not returning for seven years from the first visit, in this way they understand there are no promises. I would say this should give ye a better understanding of our race for the time being.” Duncan rose from the sand and scanned the deserted
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