The Seventh Commandment Based On The Seventh Commandment

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to take the live of any person which I believe is based on the Seventh Commandment, “Thou shall not kill”. Sec. Leila de Lima is also against the extra judicial killings. For her, there should be due process. To families who have been victims of crimes like rapes, murder, theft, etc. drug users especially drug pushers have no place in our society. For some families of drug pushers or drug users, they complain that there is a double standard in the application of law. They say that the ones who get killed are the poor people. Those who are rich, they are given a chance to save themselves. They also say that the government has no right to take on their lives because they do not understand the reasons why they are doing the action. Some of them go into drugs to escape from their problems while some also sell drugs to be able to provide food on the table. “A lot of the people involved in the drug market have no other opportunity for income, so a lot of that money also goes to support families in communities,” says Clarke Jones, a researcher at the Australian National University who has spent the past six years studying the Philippine prison system and the drug trade within it. “It’s easy money,” a 50-year-old detainee in Davao tells TIME. He says he’s in jail for the second time after serving a drug sentence between 2003 and 2008. “Sometimes you can’t blame ordinary people who sell drugs because they do it to feed their families. It’s just survival instinct.” (Rishi

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