The Seventh Man Analysis

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Survival doesn’t always come easy, most of the time you will have to make decisions that will make others judge you, whether you like it or not. For example, if someone left their friend to save themselves, should these people be held accountable for their actions? People shouldn’t be held accountable for those actions because when it comes to life or death that’s so much pressure to that person so of course they’re going to make mistakes and everyone makes mistakes we just have to learn from them. However, people will argue that if they put themselves in that situation they should be held accountable for their action
In a story titled The Seventh Man, The story is about a boy and his friend who go to the beach after a storm and they end up in a life or death situation. When they were on the beach out of nowhere a huge wave starts to come towards them, which can kill them both, the Seventh man makes a decision “i told myself to to run over to K…. I found myself running the other way.” The Seventh man chose to run and save himself instead of getting his friend. Because of this decision his friend died when he could 've saved him. Therefore people might look at this and say he was wrong and should be held accountable because he had the opportunity to save his friend but he didn 't. In my opinion he shouldn 't be
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This tiger can easily kill pi, but the way pi prevents this is he kills an innocent fish to feed the tiger so the it won 't kill him because it 's hungry. Pi made this choice because he wanted to survive, you might argue saying he could of done something else but he didn 't have anything else to do. In these kind of situation we all want to survive just like pi did, he did what he had to do. He shouldn 't be held accountable for what he has done because at the end of the day it 's all
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