The Seventh Man Short Story

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Forgiveness is the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. In the short story “The Seventh Man”, the protagonist of the story, the Seventh Man, has trouble forgiving himself for letting his friend K. in the hands of a towering wave. Throughout this story, although a long and treacherous journey, the Seventh Man learns to forgive himself. This is up for debate because at times, he can be viewed as responsible for the death of K. I believe that the Seventh Man should forgive himself for his failure to save K. I believe that the Seventh Man should forgive himself because if he tried to save K, he would risk killing himself as a result. As written in the short story “The Moral Logic Of Survivor 's Guilt”, they mention that the feeling of “guilt begins an endless loop of counterfactual- thoughts that you could have or should have…show more content…
In the radio broadcast titled “The Key to Disaster Survival? Friends and Neighbors” they talk about how the community in these situations help to make a difference in these difficult times. They even talk about how “Instead of practicing earthquake drills and building bunkers, we could reach out and make more friends among our co-workers and neighbors.” This relates to The Seventh Man because when K. went missing, the community came together took look for his body in areas where ocean water would drift to. In the radio broadcast, the mention the importance of having a relationship with friends and neighbors because at times, they can be the biggest help. The Seventh man did the right thing to make sure that he notified people about K’s disappearance, making him to do the right thing. If he didn’t notify anyone, he would have felt a lot more responsible. The Seventh Man did the right thing to make sure that people were aware of the situation, making him not responsible for his
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