The Seventh Seal Character Analysis

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Hamlet is a compelling character from William Shakespeare’s book “Hamlet.” Shakespeare represents Hamlet as a thrilling character who is driven by impulse and emotion. The movie, “The Seventh Seal,” on the other hand, has Antonius Block as the protagonist, and although the book and the movie have about three centuries in between their productions, the two protagonists have many similarities despite their different circumstances. Both Hamlet and Antonius can be perceived as existential heroes seen from the way they take on the quest to search for meaning in a world that ultimately lacks meaning, alienation, and the inevitability of death, as the main principles of existentialism.
Both Hamlet and Antonius are heroes in their own unique ways. Hamlet is a prince with a charming
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His heroic nature is made clear from the victories he gains in the battle against his enemies and the way he avenges the death of the king (his father) by killing the man that murdered his father and married his mother. The fact that people are pleased by his return speaks a lot about his reputation as a leader; he was a loyal leader that people loved. Antonius Block was a knight for a long time, and upon his return home, he finds that the Black Plague had taken over his homeland. Block makes up his mind to challenge death to a game of chess that would determine his fate . As a hero, he exhibits courage and the determination to find meaning even in the face of despair. Both Hamlet and Antonius have awful ends in the stories and can be termed as tragic heroes.
Antonius Block and Hamlet are both subjected to estrangement. Hamlet is first introduced as a person who seems mentally and physically distant from others and himself. In Claudius' court, despite the festive mood, Hamlet is still mourning the death of his father and what the ghost has said to him, this stands out straight away. As the play unfolds, Hamlet does not realize peace of mind. He starts wondering about the
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