The Shack Analysis

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Mackenzie nicknamed Mack Allen Phillips is a father of five children and a husband one day receives a note in his mailbox from a mysterious person named “Papa” saying that he would like to meet up with Mack that coming weekend at the shack. Mack was puzzled by this note as he has no relationship what so ever with his biological father who abused him when he was younger. Through his confusion Mack suspects that the letter might be from God who hid wife Nan - an extremely religious women refers to as Papa. Nan and the kids decided to go visit relatives Mack takes this opportunity for him to go to the Shack and try find out who Papa is. At his arrival to the Shack initially Mack finds nothing but as he is about to leave the Shack and…show more content…
Mack was in a coma when he meet Trinity, when out of the hospital Mack leads the police to the cave that Papa revealed to him and Missy’s body is found, with the help from all the evidence at the scene the police found the Little LadyKiller and he was arrested.
Mackenzie “Mack” Allen Philips
Mackenzie is the main character of the novel The Shack. Mack portrays himself as a caring and brave father and husband he displays himself as a strong man that holds the capacity of enduring life 's difficulties. Mack was abused by his father at the age of thirteen which resulted in him having a trauma and no relationship with his dad this made Mack want to be to his kids the father that he never had. The death of his daughter Missy brings Mack the greatest grief and guilt.
Mackenzie and Nan’s youngest daughter aged six. Missy is her fathers little princess she is a sweet and extremely inquisitive young girl , Missy tests her fathers patience and knowledge in many parts of the novel. Missy is kidnapped by the Little LadyKiller when left alone at the picnic table while colouring in and later on murdered in the Shack. Missy 's death causes her dad to have the Great sadness which in the end makes him a greater and stronger
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