The Shadow Effect Analysis

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The temptation to enter your Shadow Self still exists and needs to be dealt with, of course, but one of the ways the Shadow is diminished is by joining with others in the search for Light. When we are with other people who are saying, "I want to listen to my heart. I need to ask what the most loving thing would be. I want to be ethical. I want to hear the voice for love." Then it becomes easier to live that way. Like any habit it becomes easier to cultivate when we are around others doing the same.
~ The Shadow Effect by Marianne Williamson

During these next two weeks, Winter Olympic Games are taking place in Sochi, Russia. I love watching the Olympics. For me it is a testament to the beauty of the human spirit. I am inspired by the incredible amount of dedication, discipline, and talent displayed by the athletes. All the effort and time it took for each of them to get to that moment in front of the judges and the entire world is just mind-boggling. But what is even more amazing is the humble grace exhibited by those athletes who
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Which makes me all the more determined to make sure that I keep that kind of love and support around myself at all times. What those athletes demonstrated to me is the kind of power there is in surrounding yourself in an atmosphere where love thrives above all else. Hence, I am grateful for my gift of discernment, which has helped me weed out some of the toxic people in my life. Maintaining healthy boundaries is an ongoing process for me, but there is no love or nobility in allowing others to mistreat me, no matter how "good" their intentions or the explanations they provide me. When what a person says does not match what they do, it is always the action that leaves the deepest impression because actions always speak louder than
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