The Shadow Horse Summary

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A Whirlwind of Decisions Imagine your life changing because of a single split second decision. In Shadow Horse by Alison Hart, Jas made one impulsive choice, and spends 45 days in a foster home and a ban from High Meadows farm to make up for it. While she made this choice motivated by her id, from the trial on, she is determined to solve the mystery for her “dead” horse, showing her super ego. When she finds Whirlwind dead in the turnout, she is consumed by sorrow, shock and rage when Hugh blames her grandfather for it. Out of anger, she attacks Hugh. At her trial, the EMT says, “‘I found the victim, Mr. Robicheaux, being attended for a slash on his cheek.’ ‘And what did the victim tell you?’ ‘He said the defendant attacked him with

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