The Shamu Show

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Shamu Throughout many years the topic of whether or not SeaWorld’s show called “One Ocean,” also referred to as the “Shamu Show,” should continue to go on and what they should do with the Orcas they have held in captivity. The argument brought on mainly by the organization known as PETA, takes a stand over how using animals for human entertainment is considered animal cruelty and should release them back into the wild. Due to PETA’s argument about the show and their many followers supporting them, SeaWorld had no other choice than to disband the show entirely on January 2, 2017 at the end of their Christmas Celebration. The question still remains, what should happen to the animals that are held within SeaWorld’s tanks, since they no longer…show more content…
However, even though wild orcas travel hundreds of miles a day in the ocean, it doesnt necessarily mean they need to. According to Fred Jacobs, SeaWorld Vice President of Communications, he states that “this is more likely ‘foraging behaviour.‘ So, as SeaWorld provides all the food the whales don’t need to travel for miles looking for snacks. SeaWorld Truth agrees that searching for food is one main reason for wild whale migration.” In captivity there is never a need to swim a great distance to find food because Seaworld makes sure there is always a plentiful supply of sustainable food provided for their…show more content…
However, according to SeaWorld 's new chairman and CEO Joel Manby, he believes that “uncontrollable exposure to pollution, ocean debris and life-threatening pathogens in ocean waters are just a few of the factors that make sea pens an unhealthy living environment for any of our animals.” The orcas are use to a clean environment and the ocean is everything but that. Their immune systems would hardly be capable of enduring those threats. For instance, as claimed by, Dold, SeaWorld 's chief veterinarian believes “pens can also expose whales to viruses passed on through other fish in the pens or toxins and oil spills that wash in with the tide.” Even though it would be nice to allow these creatures to once again live in the ocean at a certain extent , that kind of setting would hurt their well

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