Unvanquished The Sheepdog Analysis

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Part One: Passage 1 The image that is seen in this passage is that of the trunk. In the novel Unvanquished, the trunk is an image of many different things; including greed, family, tradition, southern values, and class. In their own way, these are all themes of the book. Greed is shown when Granny and Ringo start essentially stealing from the army by writing fake letters from the general to collect horses and then selling them back to the armies at high prices. Initially what they were given was more than what was taken from them, but because they got greedy, they started this black market business and it eventually ended up getting them into trouble. The trunk plays a large part in this because initially it was the trunk that was stolen that Granny demanded to have returned in the…show more content…
Fanthorpe is written from the perspective of a dog. Essentially, it is about the people who went to bring their gifts to the baby Jesus and how he has to stay behind and watch over the sheep while the shepherd is gone. The first part of the poem talks about how the angels came to announce the birth of Jesus. They filled the sky and sang so that all would know. They left a bright light and the star that was to be followed. Being a dog, the speaker did not know exactly what he was seeing, so it was interpreted by what he literally saw. The second stanza describes how the shepherd decides that he must go and see the new born king. The shepherd tells the dog, the speaker, to stay and watch over the sheep so that they will not get lost. The third stanza reveals what happens when the shepherd gets back through the eyes of the dog. He says that he hears them talking about all of the gifts that the baby was brought. We learn that they are not the type of gifts that a dog would like, like treats to be eaten, but things that would be considered gifts by humans. The speaker tells that the shepherd has brought baby Jesus a lamb as a

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