The Shining Character Analysis

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Andrea Carolina Delgado

The Shining

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November 16th, 2017
The Shining One of the most curious things about The Shining is the fact that the scrip was not really finished and that it was changed many times during the production, which gives a lot of room for interpretation. The plot of the movie The Shining is about a Family of three in which the father Jack Torrance take a job as caretaker at the overlook hotel, exposing themselves to the isolation of the place which starts to play with the characters minds. One of the most important characters on the movie is Jack Torrance who faces progressive madness throughout the film; it is possible to see the
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It is possible to illustrate Jack´s loneliness with the fact that he is in fact talking alone due to that he is talking to his reflection. In order to prove this, it´s important to point out the use of long-shot5 and panning6.The long-shots are, in this case, to show the position of the characters and how they face each other (See Annex 2) which proves again the fact that he is talking to the mirror. The way the character moves, talks and articulates shows his point of attention and the long-shot as well as the small panning in this shot, helps us focus on what the character is doing as well as their facial expression. Moreover, Grady, Jack´s reflection, helps Jack to find a new meaning or purpose o his life, which is to correct the behavior of his family, meaning to kill them. For this, the director uses some point of view shots7 as well as long-takes8. The long takes helps us concentrate in the characters movements and expression, which marks a reaction every time new information is added. It also helps us see the transitions of emotions Jack goes through when Grady suggests ´´correcting´´ his family, which go from confusion to understanding and even…show more content…
Additionally, through the movie and even in this scene we can see that Jack´s madness is symbolized through the duality of the characters, it is even reveled at the end the existence of a second Jack. Personally I believe that Jack´s madness was self-induced, he was already in a strange state of mind during his job interview, and he has proven to be a weak person even before he was exposed to the isolation. He had dislocated the shoulder of his son while drunk; he clearly not mentally stable; his isolation and loneliness in the hotel only worsened his condition by bringing the character´s aggression to an
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