The Shining Lighting Analysis

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The most critical part of a horror movie, is the suspense. The Shining did a satisfying job when it came to each scene, having its own little twist. These little twists added up in the end to make the film as striking as possible. With these little twists in mind it brings an example out from the movie. This is shown by the scene in which, the little boy named Danny is in his bathroom talking to his invisible friend Tony, in which lives in Danny’s mouth. While talking to Tony, a clip of the elevators in the hotel open up with blood pouring out of the doors. Watching this scene, an unsettling feeling appears that something climatic may happen very soon in the film. Another scene that is well done with suspense is when the twin girls are appearing…show more content…
Within this film by just having a specific setting can make the movie seem more startling. The Shining, is based at a hotel in Oregon in which their winters can receive horrible weather. The setting in which this film is made at, is what makes the story the way it is. The history of the hotel, in which a murder had taken place there makes the location for the film seem more startling. The movie would have less suspense or reason for it to have the plot it does due to the significant location. In other words, the setting is a big factor to make a story suspenseful if there is meaning behind it as…show more content…
No real suspense would take place if the actor had more humor in the film than seriousness. The change in the character through a film is just as important. Throughout the film you can see a dynamic change in each character. One major change would have to be the main character, Jack Torrance. He begins the movie as a father who is looking to get a job for his writing at a hotel. Although to begin with he may be a loving father to Danny, he still has some anger built up within himself. After moving into the hotel, he gradually begins to become more irritable with people interrupting him while he is working in the main lobby. At the same time Jack is writing his book, he appears to be seen in a red sweater, that once was worn by the previous caretaker who murdered his family at the Overlook hotel. Jack becomes overwhelmed by the isolation, in which he begins to change into the psychopath killer. The film would drag on with no change in a character, to make the movie
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