The Shining Stephen King Analysis

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The Shining is a novel written by Stephen King, that tells the story of a family that in order for them to survive, they have to fight the paranormal and that irrational. It begins with Jack Torrance a recovering alcoholic in search for a new job and a way to unite his family again after some regretful occurrences. He had prior been a writer, and a teacher at a high school but that had ended due to a conflict with one of his student. He desperately needs a new income so he has a job interview to be the caretaker of a hotel, Overlook, due to the harsh winters of Colorado, where the book is set, every one of the staff evacuate the hotel, leaving it stranded for some months, only inhabited by the Torrances. The manager of the Hotel discretely warns Jack of the past caretaker who had killed his family and then committed suicide. Ullman, the manager, knew how desperate Jack was to have a new job and new that he had past records of alcoholism, but still Jack won’t hear it and takes the job immediately in the hopes that this would let his family and him reconnect. Then we meet his wife, Wendy, a weak and worrisome women waiting or her husband to return. This leads to discover, when Wendy has a flashback, that Jack had broke Danny’s arm, his son, after a drunken night that turned aggressive. Danny loves his father, and can’t even tolerate to think that his parents could divorce, so he stays hopeful that his father will not return to those bad habits. But Danny is not ordinary, he

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