The Shoe Horn Sonata Analysis

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Explanation of Scenes The Shoe Horn Sonata is an iconic play written by the famous author John Misto. This play is about the loss of harmony between two people and how the harmony is restored. The shoehorn is used as a motif throughout the entire play, as it is an everyday object that takes on symbolism and recurs all through the story. A sonata is a musical piece composed from two instruments or voices, it represents Bridie and Sheila’s bond of friendship, love, support and care. The play consists of two main parts, which is Act one and Act two. Act one consists of eight scenes whereas Act two consists of six scenes. The play alternates between the past and the present and is a performance within a performance. There are several locations…show more content…
The general setting used throughout the storyboard was the TV studio in Melbourne, Belalau prisoner of war camp, Sumatra prisoner of war camp, the Melbourne hotel room, Singapore, Radji Beach in Banka Island and the South China Sea. These locations were used thoroughly in the storyboard to get across the images, as this is where most of the action had taken place over the course of the war. The setting promotes the audience to watch the play as it contrasts between the several places the Army nurses were, this gives the audience the chance to see the differences between the places where the nurses had many…show more content…
The scenes consist of the many techniques mentioned above, there are two main characters are shown and the play is set in contrasting between the past and the present. There are two real locations that are the TV studio and Melbourne hotel, however the interplay of the techniques in the scenes works together to create a wartime setting. The audience awareness is developed through the historical information from each scene. Theatrical devices a re combined to create various features and have a great dramatic impact. The structure promotes the audience to watch the play because the structure of this storyboard is contrasted between the past and present that will attract audience attention, as it is an historical play set between different times. It includes a gap of fifty years. The Shoe Horn Sonata is a play dedicated for the women in war as this play sketches out the many hidden secrets and sacrifices that are unknown to this current world. This play makes the individual aware of what the Army nurses went through during the course of war. It uses several techniques; a solid structure and features to enhance the historically accurate play made between the past and the present. It is a journey of friendship, hardship, struggles and the sacrifices made by these heroic Army

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