The Short And Happy Life Of Francis Macomber Essay

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In the short story The Short and Happy Life of Francis Macomber, by Ernest Hemingway, Margaret Macomber is the wife of Francis Macomber. In the story the couple goes out on a hunting trip in Africa. This trip doesn’t go as planned though, as a fatal bullet shot by Margaret ended her young husband 's life. Throughout the story Margaret seems like a powerful character, being able to control her husband in the beginning of the story and impressing their safari guide Robert Wilson. Her character changes throughout the story, though mainly because her husband is also changing. This extreme change in character shows that both Francis and Margaret are dynamic characters. This fact creates an interesting character development, as the changing of one character directly influences the change in the other. Margaret is used to being the controlling factor in her marriage, but once Francis gets a taste of courage he oversteps the bounds Magaret placed. This causes the roles of the two to switch, Francis having the courage to face bison head on…show more content…
With the evidence gathered it is evident that she did mean to kill him, but she probably didn’t do it out of malice. Margaret most likely meant to shoot at the buffalo at the time, but subconsciously knew she had to shoot Francis. In the end that is likely why she couldn’t believe she killed him, as she hadn’t intended to kill him even though she did intend to do something of the sort. A perfect example of this kind of action is described in the short story Han’s Crime, by Naoya Shiga. Han kills his wife with a throwing knife, but not intentionally only subconsciously meaning to, as events similar to in this story take place. Even if Margaret didn’t mean to kill Francis, she had it in her mind and heart to do so. This proves that she truly did have the intent to cause harm unto Francis and is truly a person forever changed by their
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