The Short Documentary Evolution's Achilles Heel

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The short documentary, Evolution’s Achilles Heel many talked from a creationist point of view in which they mainly disprove the evolutionists ideas of how the world came to be. Evolution the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth. Evolution is also called Darwinism, because it was thought up by, Charles Darwin. Evolution is caused by mutations in the genes, which allows new species to be formed. But creationist don’t believe that. There are eight main ideas of evolution. These main ideas include: Natural Selection, Genetics, Origin of Life, Fossil Record, Geologic Record, Radiometric Dating, Cosmology and the eighth is; Ethical Implications.…show more content…
The second idea of evolution is Genetics. In the genetics portion of the documentary, it said, information is required for life, but ir doesn’t come from natural processes. That means that yes life does need genetic code but it doesn’t come The Big Bang or any other idea that a scientist has thought of, it needed to come a higher power (a God). But both creationists and evolutionists agree that genetic similarity between similar looking organisms. The third main idea of evolution is Origin of Life. Origin of life is talking about where did life begin. Evolutionist argue that a random pool of atoms were sloshed together and all-of-a-sudden an organism is created! Which I think is absurd. But, some evolutions say that life started because aliens brought life to the Earth! I think that is ridiculously dumb and nonsense. On the other hand creationists use the example of a book. They said that to create a book, the ink doesn’t just fall on the paper, somebody has to pick up the pen and control what the ink creates. They also said that biomolecules don’t come from random chemical…show more content…
One thing I found interesting is that the Big Bang is 96% IMAGINARY! Only 4% of it is real which is insane! Cosmology goes to the creationists because it cannot be proven. The final idea of evolution is Ethical Implication. Ethical implications is people from different points of view on evolution. People use philosophy to back up science instead of using science to back up philosophy. This means that people use their beliefs to say what they believe is true instead of analyzing the truths and using it do backup philosophies. There are two points of view in which genetics is the driving force of evolution. The evolutionists say, mutations create new organisms. The creation of new orgasims means that the organism evolved and mutations occur in the genes. On the other hand the creationist say that, it’s easier to break something off than to create a total new organism. Breaking off something also occurs in the genes. My beginning thoughts on evolution were that they were true. I thought that animals evolved, I didn’t think humans evolved from monkeys. I didn’t believe that very intelligent organism can evolve from a monkey (of all
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