The Short Story Of Miss Ogilvy's Sexual Orientation

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In the short story “Miss Ogilvy’s Sexual Orientation” a story about a female character who is having trouble dealing with her sexualilit. Wilhelmina was born during the early ages of homosexuality the world wasn 't ready to accept her. Wilhelmina explains how as a kid, she had always felt like she was more than a woman, she felt like she had more potential than the an average woman. She wanted to do more than just be a housewife,just like a lot of people did back then. She was the only person with the guts to not deal with people’s injustice behaviors. Back then women were not really contributing to society.
Wilhelmina wanted to change that perspective, the world wasn 't ready for her at that time and her effort crushed her feelings. This short story written years before the age of technology is still a story to be expierence by homesexual people in todays society. This homophobic behavior still exist even in our superior leader donald trump who wants to bank homosexual gay soldiers from being in the military or war.

In 2017 president donald trump proposed a plan to banned homesexuals or transgender humans from wanting to be in the war. Not only is this wrong but it 's a crime against humanity, and a violation of the citizens rights. To serve for your country means a lot, for some people it gives them pride and hope and love to know that they can go and help their country for their loved ones back home. It 's like firefighting, but on a higher level and to take

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