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Everybody in the world knows the saying, “treat others the way you want to be treated”. A colossal amount of people don’t realize what this quote actually means, or maybe they just don’t accept to be treated how they should be treated, all people should be treated equally with respect, manners, care, and love. However, for a weird reason people on Earth don’t choose to accept what is right for all of us.
Furthermore, the show “Spongebob Squarepants” has numerous actions that remove a frame or gesture off a character. For example, if Patrick was melancholy, Spongebob would make him feel superior by buying him something, or doing something to make him chuckle. Patrick would do the same for Spongebob if he felt melancholic or indignant as well. These are examples of actions that take place in almost every episode of the show. However, different people prefer to show a bit of action than to actually tell them something, it is always alright to tell them a bit of words about how you feel about them, or maybe to assist them, or whatever it is that you need to do. Maybe you want to make a certain person be superior at something, but you know that buying them anything won’t make the person superior at what it is that he or she needs to do. Motivation would help out plenty to
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I remember a time where I met this little boy getting bullied at the park by some other arbitrary kids, I had frightened the kids away from him after ten minutes, since I pondered that they were his peers until he started to weep. After I frightened them away, I offered him to play with my three pals and myself, and all of us had a fantastic time playing basketball and football after all the ruckus, plus my peers and I met a new pal. My actions made the little boy have so much enjoyment and pleasure at the end and had no fret

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